Pink Rose Clean Burning Wax Candles


  • Long burn times, a wide color and size selection, superior quality and
    excellent value make Abbott Candles the premiere candle range
    available on the market today.

    Made from pure, unscented 100% paraffin wax, these clean-burning
    candles also boast a hidden safety feature: the wick is designed in
    such a way that when the candle has burned to the bottom, the wick
    harmlessly falls to one side and self-extinguishes.

    The rich color is applied as a coating on the outside of a pure white
    core, making the candles burn cleaner and ensuring consistent color  
  • Material: Genuine Wax  
    Color: Pink Rose
    Height:   (See drop down menu for dimensions) 
    Shipping Weight: 1-5  lbs 
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